One Amp Is Equal To How Many Volts?


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One amp is not equal to any volts, because volts and amps are completely different things. It's like saying "how many grams are in a centimetre?", it just can't be done.

An amp is a measurement of electrical current. The amount of electricity that is used. A volt is a measure of the force of the electricity.

If you then multiply the amount of volts electricity has with the amps, you will get the wattage. 

A good analogy to use to help explain this is using a garden hose. The voltage of the hose would be the water pressure through the hose. The higher the water pressure, the faster the water comes out the end.

The amps would be the flow rate of the water. The higher the flow rate, the more water that comes out of the hose.

Combine these two elements together, and you get the wattage. The flow rate multiplied by the water pressure will give you the overall amount of water that will come out of the end of the hose per second.

I have also found this video which will help you understand the concept in more detail:

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