How Many Amps In 120 Volts?


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As many as you want. It depends on the capacity of your supply. Let me break this down. Current or amps is what is drawn by a device or a load. For example, lets say you plug in a 1500 watt 120 volt space heater and turn it on. Now you want to know what kind of amperage is being drawn by this device. Take 1500 watts and divide 120 volts into it. The answer will be your amperage or current. The current draw would be 12.5 amps. (I know there are other people out there who say no no that is not entirely right. I know this. I do not wish to give a lesson in calculating impedance when this answer is close enough and is with in a safe range of accuracy. Just keeping it simple)
Another fact that may be of interest to you is there is as much as a 8000 fault amp potential in the average 100 amp service panel. This means that if your two lines coming into your panel would short it would blow up. This is what is called a Arc Blast.
I hope I helped answer your question.

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