My Refrigerator In My Garage Keeps Tripping The GFI Plug And Breaker... What Has Happened?


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There could be a couple of reasons:

The ground wire in the outlet could be loose. Common sense caution: You'll need to un plug the refrigerator and turn off the power to the outlet before checking these wires.

If all wiring is good at the outlet, then perhaps you'll need to try this:

Find out what the energy draw of the refrigerator (how many amps it requires to run and what it's capacity load for cooling is). Is there anything else is drawing from that same breaker. (So, when you switch the breaker off, does anything else loose power?)

You probably need to increase the breaker size that is feeding the outlet that the fridge is connected to. This is more complicated than just going out & putting a bigger breaker in the slot in your breaker box. The box has a total capacity load of electricity that it can handle, period. You'll need to add up all the amps currently running through the box and make sure that the box its self isn't maxed out. If it is, you'll need to upgrade your breaker box. If it has room for more amperage, then you can determine if you have enough amperage to support a high-draw appliance like a refrigerator. If you're not familiar with electricity & wiring, it is wise to hire a professional. Ask around, maybe a friend or neighbor could refer someone who has done good work for them in the past.

An easier solution might be to get a smaller fridge for the garage....but, that would depend on what you were using it for in the first place. Just beverages....smaller might be the call, if you're storing food & beverages, then you'll need to asses your situation electrically.

Good luck!

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