Where Can I Buy Cricket Rocking Chair Replacement Cushions?


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There are lots of outlets that offer replacement cushions for a cricket rocking chair, this can be done online or by visiting specialist shops. The most important aspect in replacing a cushion is to know the exact details of the rocking chair and cushions.

    If you know the exact type of replacement cushion that you are looking for you can carry out a search for it using one of the popular search engines such as google, yahoo or AOL. Your search is likely to come up with various different answers and requires further investigation before you consider purchasing. Before you get down to selecting the exact cushion you should check out the credibility of the site, find out what sort of payment methods that they have, Paypal is clearly better than a cash transfer. Getting contact details is also useful, if there is a problem with your purchase it's best to be able to speak to someone by telephone rather than have communication through email only.

    Before you decide to go out on the streets looking for replacement cushions it's advisable to do some research in advance. Take a look through a telephone directory or newspaper/magazine to identify the type of shop that you feel will be able to provide you with the correct cushion Once you have identified these key areas you can visit the shop and discuss your requirements with the staff. Being able to see and touch the cushions will provide reassurance and takes away some of the concerns that can arise if you restrict your shopping to online only. This way also cuts out your reliance on the postal service which can be costly and frustrating in equal measures.

There are a number of websites online where you will be able to buy replacement cushions for your cricket chair. Online specialist stores, such as, offer a wide variety of replacement cushions for all makes and models.

The replacement cushions are also available second hand at online auction sites, such as eBay. Alternatively, it is possible to make your own replacement cushions for a cricket chair. By downloading or making a simple sewing pattern, you can create your own cushion in any fabric that you like and stuffed with any filling of your choice. This method is particularly good when trying to make the chair fit with the theme of a specific room.

  • Old cricket chairs
The patent that is related to the cricket chair is very vague. This means that over the 60 years that the cricket chair has been patented there has been a huge variety in the chairs that have been designed.

The oldest cricket chairs date back to the 1950s that were originally high backed rocking chairs with wooden arms. Over time the chairs developed to have arms that could be placed into three different positions with leather and upholstery brads.

  • Modern cricket chairs
The most common modern cricket chairs that are found today are simple white plastic garden chairs that are waterproof, stackable and nothing particularly fancy. However, the vague patent has allowed more creative cricket chairs to emerge. In 2005 a cricket chair was designed by Danko Persing that has a minimalist bent seat and back that is balanced on recycled car tires.

Whether your cricket chair is an original wooden rocker or a modern plastic garden piece, it is possible to find a replacement cushion for it online.

Alternatively, a simple sewing pattern and some nice fabric is all you need to go about making your own.
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Kind of disappointed in this article. Not helpful and no I have not been able to find a cricket chair cushion replace. You state the obvious in this article.
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You can get foam cut to size online easily enough and just make your own cushions. I've recently had some replacement sofa cushions made. All I had to do was provide accurate measurements. Failing that just speak to a professional upholsterer.

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