Where Can I Get Replacement Cushions For A Shermag Glider?


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Replacing cushions for a Shermag Glider can be an expensive chore. Contacting the manufacturers is the best way to guarantee a perfect fit, but often they will be overpriced and there will not be a great fabric selection. There are plenty of other websites that sell replacement cushions too, including and The fabric selections on these sites are more extensive, but to get cushions that fit exactly can be extremely costly. If it is the whole cushion that you need to buy, then it may be difficult to avoid this cost. Try looking in furniture shops (old and new) to see if you can find any suitable cushions. In independent furniture shops, you can often do a bit of negotiating to try and get the price down.

If you don’t need to buy the whole cushion, and you simply want to change the cover because it is stained or the room is being redecorated, then there are cheaper alternatives to replacing the cushion in its entirety. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can use a standard cushion template to inspect the current cushion carefully, gently taking it apart if necessary. From here, you should be able to figure out the dimensions for recreating the cover yourself. This way you get complete choice over the fabric you use and it will be possible to make matching items to decorate the room elsewhere.

A Shermag Glider is a type of rocking chair that moves like a swing seat. The entire frame is made up of a seat that attaches to the base by a double rocker four-bar linkage. The non-parallel suspension arms therefore make it possible for the chair to simulate the movement of a rocking chair as it swings back and forth. Shermag Gliders are mostly bought for nurseries and parents who want to feed their baby whilst sat down and have the ability to rock them gently without too much effort.
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If you're after foam cut to size there's plenty of websites around that offer such a service - example given.

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I have a new life to your Sher-mag glider with the Sher-mag Universal cushion set for chair and ottoman. They'll make your Sher-mag gliders cozy spot for you and your baby. It's designed to fit allShermag Gliderand Ottoman models. This glider rocker replacement cushionis filled with 100% foam for comfortable seating.

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