The Lawn Mower Engine Is Not Working ( Briggs & Stratton 6 Hp Poulan)can You Help?


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I have brigg &stratton 6.0 hp craftsman it starts 2 secs them stop after 2 secs
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The spark plug is usually the part most people try to replace but the spark plug usually isn't the one causing the problem. Check and make sure that nothing is bent or broken internally, since its a lawnmower engine the crankshaft faced downward and if you hit anything while using it you can bend the crankshaft and cause it to now work properly
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45 to 60 gap
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I brought a new patrol lawn mower end of last year I just took it out of the box and filled it up with the right stuff and I have also done everything it says in the leaflet but it will still not work please can someone help me thanks emma
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Check the spark plug. that could be your problem it located under the casing you should find it easily.
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Be methodical.
Is there power to the spark plug so that there is a nice big spark when the engine is turned over. If there is then you need to check the fuel supply, and that there is compression in the cylinder. The fuel supply also needs to be mixed correctly there may be an adjuster on the carburettor, if it has been moved you will need to close it fully then open it in small stages trying each setting until you get a result.
All these things need to work and be synchronised to happen at the correct time in sequence. If the machine has been stripped down this sequence (called timing) may be out and you will need a manual or help to set it up. These small engines do flood easily. Try taking out the plug and leaving it out for a while then replacing and trying again. Hope this helps. Just a thought but be sure you have the correct spark plug set at the right gap.
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If the previous posters suggestion doesn't work or if it's over your head then find a small engine repair shop. Don't be embarrassed, most of us can't fix our own mowers.

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