How Do I Adjust Carburetor Float On My Briggs And Stratton Mower?


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* Drain gas first
* Take the cover off the carburetor
* Pull the pin that holds the float in place
* Check the needle of the float to see if it is clean
* Keep the needle in the upright position when you put it back on
* You can adjust it as you put it back on to make certain it is in the right place
When you want to adjust the carburetor on your Briggs and Stratton Mower you will have to first drain the gas. The gas goes through the carburetor so if you do not want it all running on the ground which is dangerous you first have to take off the line that runs to the carburetor and drain it.
Once you have all the gas drained from the line you can take a 7/16 socket to the cover on the carburetor. A little gas is still going to run out, so be careful not to have anything flammable nearby.
After you have the cover off, you will see the float. It is a little orange item with a pin that holds it in place. Remove that pin and the float will come right off. You want to see that the needle of the float is clean and undamaged. If everything looks okay, you can put the float back on. As you put it back on you can adjust the needle to ensure it goes in the right place and therefore you have adjusted the carburetor float.
If necessary once the pin is back in place you can adjust the float a little more to make certain you have not jostled it. The main thing with a float on the mower is to make certain it is clean rather than adjusting it to make your mower work.

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