Is It Justified To Cut Trees?


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It is only justified to cut trees if they are on your own property. Trees are living things, and many varieties have wonderful benefits, including fruit, shade, erosion and wind control. Many trees are simply lovely to behold. Cutting trees on your own property is acceptable, but only if you have a good cause to do so.

A better question is, why would anyone ask the original question? What is it in your education and experiences which make the question arise? Surely the questioner has used forestry products all of his or her life. Shall we ban the use of wood products in our homes and live entirely surrounded by plastic, metal and glass? Shall we extend the tree question to all vegetation, and have moral qualms about eating vegetables?

Allow me to rephrase the question: Is it justified to pull weeds? My friends, it is really the same question. It has the same exact answer. It is never justifiable to pull a weed - except on your own property. If I catch you pulling a weed in my yard, you better have a mighty fine explanation both for killing my plants and for trespassing.

And in finale, one more question: Is it justified to exploit vegetables? Do you really think that apple tree wants you picking it's babies and eating them?

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