What Happens To The Ecosystem When You Cut Trees Down?


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What happens to the ecosystem when you cut down trees?

Wonderful things happen!

Density of forest growth results, allowing for meadows to be formed. Most animals live at the edges of forests rather than within them. New growth fills in the void every time a tree falls. Young shoots feed deer and other living things. Bird populations increase. Mammal populations and diversity increase. Sun reaches down thru the tree canopy and new microecosystems flourish.

At the same time, the cut trees become resources for humans. We get hundreds of products from the felled timber. Our human lives are enhanced, for from lumber we get homes and furniture and many additional products. And remember - humans have been cutting down trees for ten thousand years, and we haven't run out of trees yet!

So birds and animals and humans all profit from the cutting of trees. Do not feel guilty about something which is a positive event in so many ways.

PS: Forest fires do a lot of good also. No, really!

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