Can Someone Tell Me How A Wooden Generator Works?


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The importance of wooden generator to our society is that it can help us conserve energy in a small way that we can.As you can see we are facing crisis right now and the only way we can lessen the problems is by creating a solution to it ,and wooden generator is an effective way in order to help our mother earth.
We can also use wooden generator as a way to save money .By using it we can have lights on our homes without the help of the electric companies. .In that way we can also make our live comfortable.
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A Wooden Generator is a simple and easy to understand design that peple can use to make an electric generator. In a wooden generator, the main structure is made of wood. The only non wooden parts are the magnet and the wire.It converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In this, a moving magnet will push the free electrons in a conductor back and forth. Movements of electrons along a conductor are called electricity. Since in this type of electricity electrons swing back and forth, we also call it alternative electricity and show it with symbol AC.
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I need some substantial information to prove that wooden electric generators can help
conserve energy... Please help do you have anything

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