Why Do We Need Soap , Shampoo,conditioner?


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Main benefit of using Soap are..

Easy to clean and remove dirt where is necessary needed.  

Using soap will help and stop the spared of germs and viruses.

Another benefit of using soap is to clean off any unwanted smell and keep a good hygiene.

Soap make it easy to clean dishes and wash other items.
Hope it helps...
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Yes, I would agree with soap and shampoo for having personal hygiene, but conditioners are really not necessary for personal hygiene.  Some people just like them as an extra hair care product to soften or de-tangle hair.  Personally, I found a homemade shampoo to use and don't need to use added conditioners.  The homemade, natural, shampoo does everything I need without using an added conditioner--softens, adds shine, and much more!  I love it!
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Because it washes the dirt and germs off your hair.and personal hygiene.
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Personal hygiene? That would be my guess. I mean they are necessary to living, but they sure do make my life easier.
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It's the kinds of cleaning our bady and hair, as we need to use them for maitaining our body to be hygienic .
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Well, soap is necessary. But also people don't use any shampoo or conditioner, they just use the water that clean out rice. Maybe the shampoo can make the hair smell good.
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I use a shampoo to keep my hair and scalp clean and healthy.  My shampoo is homemade with mild and gentle, natural, ingredients.  It comes in a bar form, so it's real convenient when traveling. I never have to worry about spills. I don't need to buy added conditioners, so it saves me money too.  I love it!

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