I Use Astringent At Night To Clean My Face. What Are The Benefits Of Using Astringent?


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Astringent is absolutely an essential in your beauty routine. It opens your pores temporarily and grabs bacteria and dirt left behind by facial cleansers. I was astonished when I saw how much dirt was in my pores. You see your results on your pad or Cotton ball immediately. This stuff is amazing. I will never go a day without it again. I recommend equate brand it is inexpensive and works wonders.
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Astringent deep cleanses the pores, the part that the regular facial cleansers don't get. It also helps to minimize pores! I NEVER go a day without using it. I recommend Aloette Basic Skin Care..you won't believe the difference in just one use.
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I am licensed in skin care and can tell you nothing you do will close pores except cover up. There is no instant cure. Pores are large on oily skin and smaller on dry skin. An astringent wisps away any dirt left behind by cleansers and ph balances the skin. I use oil of olay and am 50 yrs young. Always hydrate skin w/moisturisers. Oil blotting lotion which shows pores smaller and light on skin, and collagen and elastic for dry skin.
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Astringent used on face will protect the skin. It heals scars and stretch marks. There are other benefits as well. For acne sufferers though it is said that they shouldn't use it as it worsens the situation. Please visit  

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