How To Make Charcoal And Firewood From Grass?


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To make charcoal from grass you would need to do the following:

  • Find plenty of grass and weeds
Obviously you will need to gather up a lot of blades of grass but you should also get a handful of weeds; the mixture of the two will make a more dense and effective homemade charcoal. The best grass to use for this is something called 'typha' which is common in various countries. This grass is ideal due to the sheer thickness of the blades.

  • Burn grass and mix with clay
Once you've collected the grass and a few weeds for good measure, it is time to burn the grass. Once burnt you need to mix it with clay and water. It should be a ratio of around three times as much grass to the clay and just a little bit of water added at a time. Once it is a nice and thick consistency, it needs to be left to dry.

  • Dry the mixture
Once you have left the mixture to dry you will find you have charcoal.

You will find it a lot harder to make firewood from grass and it will be a lot easier to bind together a lot of twigs and sticks you find near the grass. You can of course burn the grass as well but it wouldn't really be classed as firewood.

For the firewood to burn, it will need to be dry and so if the sticks and twigs are damp when you collect them you will have to wait for them to dry as they simply won't light or burn otherwise.

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