How Do I Get Black Hair Dye Off Of Bathroom Sink And Counter?


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"Firstly, you should be very careful with what you apply to a porcelain sink. This is less crucial for a bathroom counter but, depending on the material it is made from, can still be important. Certain forms of bleach are one possibility with many people reporting success when using this; however, caution is advised as with any product, as this could still damage your sink, depending on material and condition. Also, nail-polish remover is another method that seems to have been a success for many people with a similar problem, and it can be applied directly to the stained area and then simply scrubbed off.     
If you have a stain that is particularly large, or persistent, then bleach is clearly a more practical solution, however, I would not advise using bleach on a sink or counter that is a dark colour, or a colour significantly dissimilar to the usual white or cream, as the bleach could quite easily 'bleach' your bathroom furniture, leaving a stain worse than the original one!
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I googled it and it said rubbing alcohol, but I had none, so I used nail polish remover and it worked like a charm, so either one will work.
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According to some notes from it's a battle between alcohol and the use of ammonia. Search "hair dye removal" and follow the instructions carefully.
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I just used the hairspray and it worked like a charm-thanks so much
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Nail varnish remover is very good , but someone told me to rub a potato on hair dye stains ( the starch removes it
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OH MY GAWD IT WORKED SO PERFECTLY!!! yes it works. i JUST removed purple hair dye off of my bathroom sink and counter. but they are made of marble.

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