Why Does It Feel Like My Body Is Swaying Back And Forth While I'm Standing Up? I Must Admit I Am Lazy. I Pretty Much Just Sit In A Recliner On My Computer ALL Day....i Do Very Light Housework (dishes, Sweeping, Laundry) But That's About It.


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May be your sitting posture on recliner is wrong or your are using a bad recliner which can't hold your spine, back and neck perfectly. That's why you are facing some problems. In this case, it is better your should meet doctors for right suggestions. And, you can visit Recliner Genie to get more helpful tips, tricks and information's about recliner, back pain, sitting posture etc. Thank you. Have a good day.

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Hi I am the same . Have been for about four weeks and its getting me down. I have three kids and I wish it would go away. Only time I feel ok is when I lay down. So I no how you feel. My name is angela
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Go outside and go for walks and get some fresh air trust I know

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