How Often And How Much Do We Water Our Amaryllis?


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Amaryllis plants like damp soil. A liquid fertilizer is also recommended at least once a week. After it blooms, cut off the dead flower stem and continue to care for it while it grows several long, thick leaves. After about eight months, stop watering and put in a cool, dark place and totally neglect it for 6-8 weeks. When you bring it out, cut off dead leaves, report with new mix and start watering again. Amaryllis should flower again in about 6 weeks. Once in while they need a year off so if it starts growing leaves instead of a flower stem just take care of it and try again next year.
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Amaryllis is a plant that has originated form South Africa. It is also known as Belladonna Lily. It is important to water Amaryllis thoroughly on planting. In fact water should flow out of the hole. It needs frequent watering. For details see the link below:

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