A Plant Has Large Flat Leaves What Conclusion Can You Draw On The Amount Of Water Is Available In Its Habitat?


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I would think a fair to good amount of water is available.  Areas that are more arid tend to produce compact, prickly plants. Compact so they can make the most use of the small amounts of water they get,. And prickly in order to keep birds or other animals from eating the plant as a water source.  Blessings,
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I think that it would have enough water even if animals try to eat it. Although Ladywitch's conclusion was sensible. I am in fourth grade and I looked in my science textbook. It did not say anything helpful to this question though. The question in my homework workbook said, "A plant has large, flat leaves. What conclusion can you draw ABOUT the amount of water that is usually available in this plant's habitat?" The questions were slightly different.


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