What Are The Harmful Effects Of Cockroach To Humans?


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Cockroaches can cause food poisoning when they come into contact with the food you eat. They are also very unhygienic as they will eat anything( garbage) and carry a lot of bacteria and germs on themselves.  
Cockroaches also bite, especially the German cockroach.This usually happens when people go to bed with food residue in or around their mouth or hands.  The cockroach is attracted to the smell of the food left in or around the mouth, and comes to take a taste.  The roach bite typically is not associated with intent to bite the human, rather a misjudgment of his next meal!  Because the roach bite was not intentional, it's usually children or those that do not clean up after meals that are typically bitten by German roaches as well as other species.
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Cockroaches are the disgusting creatures. They can cause health risks like Asthma, Allergies, and Respiratory Illnesses. So prevention is better than cure. Before any health damage, it is better to have pest control in home

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