How Harmful Are Pesticides To Humans?


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Studies show that Americans have an average of 12 parts per million of DDT in the fatty tissues of their bodies. This is more than twice the amount allowed in fish sold commercially. It has also been discovered that the blood of the average American contains more DDT than is permitted in meat. Chlorinated insecticides can cause chronic poisoning in people most exposed to them, and liver and kidney damage are known to be hazards.
Breast-fed babies were found to be getting from their mother's milk twice the quantity of pesticides recommended as the limit by the World Health Organization. Swedish toxicologist Dr. Goran Lofroth noted that when such amounts are present in animals, they begin to show biochemical changes.
Traces of pesticides have been found in the tissues of stillborn and unborn babies. In some cases the concentrations of poisons were as high as existed in the mother. The pesticides were found in the babies' liver, kidney and brain, with the greatest concentration being in the fatty tissue.
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Some of the poisons are skin absorbed ( black leaf 40 ) and so are some herbicides, too!
Agent Orange was a super herbicide like Roundup, and it's passed down generation to generation threw out time, and never will go away! The rest are digested through the mouth!

The very worst thing is that SOME can not be washed out of your cloths, and spread to everything they touch!

So if you wash your babies cloths with yours and they touch them and put their hand in their mouth they get them too!!!!!

This is the same way asbestos spread, and is very sad for they made no choice, you did!

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