How Do I Loosen A Stuck Plumbing Fitting?


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There are a couple of different methods you can try, but most individuals tend to use a hammer. In plumbing a plumbing tape is used to make the seal stronger and therefore prevent any water from leaking in the pipes. Occasionally even soldering is a method used to weld the pipes together to be stronger. With soldering one will have to undo it with heat. When it has not been soldered, then a hammer may do the trick.

  • Hammer
A hammer provides a bit of force to a stuck plumbing fitting. It can knock debris out of the way. This method does not mean you use full muscle to pound on the pipe, but instead you tap it lightly. If you tap the pipe a couple of times lightly it can eventually get the pipe loosened up.
  • Plastic Piping
Plastic piping is a lot different than using copper or other metal piping. Plastic such as PVC is delicate. It can get stuck really well when discussing fittings, but you cannot always use a hammer evenly on the pipe as it could cause damage. With plastic fittings you are better off to use muscle with a twisting motion. In effect you are putting a couple of different forces on the pipe. In one way you are using pure brawn to get the pipe loose and in another you are using what could be considered a fulcrum, meaning you are placing a different force on the pipe to get it to loosen. A twist and muscle can take a few moments but eventually it will loosen enough to come apart.
  • Employing both methods
The above two methods can be alternately used in order to speed up the process and have the success you want.
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If it's a drain fitting you can get some glue and fill the crack of the fitting and that should do it but if its a water line you have to replace the section of pipe.(PVC glue won't stick to water)
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Well , try hitting it  with  a hammer then it will loose or try different techniques like try to pull hard with a tool or apply different lotions on it to loosen the fitting......

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If you're unable to loose the fittings you can use tools to work for it. But if they still doesn't work you should kindle a candle and give its heat to the fitting the fitting will get hot and you'd able to move and change the fitting easily.
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how do kindle a candle? and I'm not trying to be rude.
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Well, try hitting it with hammer then it will loose  - or try a different techniques like try to pull hard with tool. Or apply different lotions on it for loose the fitting.

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