What Do Houses Look Like In India?


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Housing in India varies greatly. Form countless homeless people to mud huts to latest architectural designs, India has them all. The standard of living here may be considered modest but is continually improving. India is prominently among the most rapidly growing economies observed on this planet with an average growth rate of 8 per cent between the years 2004 and 2005 for instance.

Understand that religious beliefs too play a key role sometimes in the very design of the home. To give you an example, cows are frequently seen to share living space in rural areas. In a number of houses, religious shrines are seen to be the focal point. Typically natural materials like possibly mud, thatch as well as cow dung would be utilized for the majority of rural home construction.

On the other hand, housing in India's metropolitan areas is comparable to world standards. Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India, of late, observes property prices so high they are comparable to some of the uppermost real estate prices seen in the world.
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In the villages in India, people usually make them themselves out of wood, mud, straw. That sort of thing. But in the more popular, developed parts of India I guess they have real houses made of brick
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Well appartments, individual houses which I can't explain how they look but yes of course they are great and awesome.

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