How Do I Finish The Joints On A Blue Board Exterior Wall?


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If you have problems with the corners of your blue board exterior walls, the likelihood is that you have just used the normal paper tape. They generally tend to bubble out if there is any moisture around the wall. You should be using nylon mesh instead as this works much more effectively, even for problem joints.

Blueboard exterior wall is a panel that’s made of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two thick sheets of paper. It’s used to create interior walls, and even ceilings. The plasterboard panels allow for easy DIY solutions at home, allowing people to create whole new rooms in their home with minimal effort, and ease.

These kinds of drywall can also be made from fiberglass, instead of the normal paper, so that mould growth is slowed down and stopped. Mould growth is incredibly common in drywall like this, especially when the joints on the blueboard exterior wall aren’t joined properly. Mould growth occurs usually when the paper-based plasterboard has been exposed to water because of either plumbing leaks, or floods.

The construction of this kind of wall became popular, given that it’s a much quicker way of creating walls. It’s a better alternative to using plaster-based interior finish techniques, which involves spreading a substrate of coarse plaster (which is known as the base) onto the wall’s lath-work, before going about applying a smooth finish coat. Every layer is added in succession, and can all only be done by hand. This means that creating the wall can often be a difficult, long and grating experience.
Drywall like this just requires hand finishing at the fasteners and joints. So ensure that these joints are connected properly, and you can be sure that your wall will be of the usual high quality.
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You probably used the common paper tape. They tend to bubble out whenever there is moisture. The nylon mesh tape works a lot better, even for interior joints.
I'm also not sure if any Sheetrock can withstand wet weather outdoors without protection. As a fence, its life is limited.

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