How Can I Start A Recycling Business And What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need For This Business?


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To start any type of business there are key points you have to cover, and a recycling business is no different to this. Firstly, you have to understand the market i.e. What are the other recycling programmes or organisations out there, where will I get the recycling from, who are my competitors and who will I sell my recycling materials to? These questions are can be answered by doing a bit of research and by contacting other recycling companies currently in the market.
You should also think about licences and permits and also premises. It is important to keep in mind that you will be dealing with a lot of rubbish so you will need an area of land away from residential areas where it will not disturb or annoy other people.
A structured business plan is also necessary and you should think about how you wish to register your company. Do you want a Ltd Partnership, a Not for Profit or a Corporation? Speaking to a formal business advisor should help you here.
You will require certain equipment, proper vehicles to transport the recycling and processes in place before you start your business. These include; containers, processing equipment, weighing equipment and a van or small lorry.
Your recycling business can either be run solely by yourself or you can hire staff to help you in your project. This will depend on supply and demand, the scale of your business and also your own preferences. If you do decide to hire staff, ensure that you are well aware of the employment law surrounding becoming an employer or this could get you into bother.
Useful websites and publications are freely available online including, and
This is for information only and you should always seek professional help when thinking about starting your own business.
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Its not true that recycling business doesn't require any kind of experience. Don't take risk on business for which you don't have any experience. To start a plastic recycling business, you should know about plastic scraps. You will be dealing with dirt, so try to find location where nobody gets bothered from it. You will need PET bottles washing lines , HDPE washing lines for crates, cans and bottles. For sorting, use  Bales Breaker. Get Conveyor Belts with different set up, Separators and Metal Detectors. For detail info visit >>>

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