How Do I Wire My L7 Kicker 12 Sub Woofer?


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Depends... Is it 2 or 4 ohm DVC? What ohm load do you want to end up with? What amp will you use with it and is it stable down to 1-ohm or 2-ohm?

If you have one L7 12" at 2-ohm or 4-ohm DVC, then wiring in SERIES will half the ohm loads.
Use a short wire to jump Coil 1 (-) to Coil 2 (+). Then wire the speaker to the amp using Coil 1 (+) and Coil 2 (-). Now the Dual Voice Coil 2-ohm is at a 1-ohm load, and the 4-ohm is at a 2-ohm load.

If you wire in PARALLEL, Coil 1 (+) to Coil 2 (+), Coil 1 (-) to Coil 2 (-), then - and + to the amp, then you'll have a 4-ohm load from the 2-ohm DVC and an 8-ohm load from the 4-ohm DVC.

If you only have one speaker, your best bet would be to wire in SERIES. It will squeeze the most juice from your amp, and these babies can take all the juice you can throw at 'em. Just make sure you don't give too much over 1500 watts RMS... Check your amps RMS output at 2 or 1-ohm.

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