Where Can I Find A House To By For Under 25,000?


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There are no houses ready to live in that can be bought for $25,000 or under in the United States. The most recent data suggests that the average price of a house is around $170,000- even allowing for a large range in pricing you will be unlikely to find a house priced under $50,000 never mind $25,000.

  • That price range

You will be able to find some properties priced at $25,000 or below but they will be in need of extensive repair to make them habitable. In general, you could expect to spend at least the same amount again to bring the property up to scratch.

There is a market for these sort of properties and they tend to be purchased by enthusiasts with a flair for DIY or speculators. By spending time and money on the property they will be able to improve the house and hope to make a profit once it has been restored to living standards.

  • How do these properties get so run down?
A property can quickly become rundown if no one is living in it. All it takes is one burst pipe to create major damage or another type of malfunction. Properties can also fall victim to structural damage or other problems which quickly render them problematic.

Properties in rural areas can also be victims of vandalism or have squatters move in when they see that it is empty. This can result in major problems, if the owners have vacated the property they are unlikely to be willing to fund repairs and will seek a cheap sale in order to recoup some of their money.

  • Where will I find them?
These sort of properties won't be advertised in the mainstream, if you approach a real estate agent they should be able to offer advice and point you towards rundown properties in this price range.
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You have to specify what currency you are talking about. If it is in dollars then I'm sure within this price you'll get your dream home -  but you need to find the best resources to get it.

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It is impossible to buy the home under $25000. The real estate companies provides homes at affordable prices.

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According to me, It is impossible to buy affordable new houses in east Montgomery under $25000. The real estate companies provides homes at affordable prices.

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You should consult property adviser in your area to find a house under 25000. There are websites where you can find such information. Visit the following property finder website.
Property Finder
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Wow- I was surprised to find there ARE actually homes for sale in that price range!  You can go this site to choose your state and find homes under $25,000:

Homes under $25,000 in the US

Good luck.

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