Is There A Difference In Surge Protectors Depending On The Cost?


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Yes there is a big difference in some surge protectors. Most work by using varistors to short out higher voltage. The cheapest ones only have one across the hot and neutral. Better ones have 3 adding ones between the hot and neutral and ground. Varistors also vary on how much of a jolt they can take before failing.

Another, perhaps better technology, uses reluctors. They are coils that go series with the line. They are a dead short to 60 hz AC, but provide a high resistance to sudden voltage changes. See

Unfortunately, in today's society, there are those that will sell junk, and in the worst cases, slap a high price on it not giving you the additional value for the extra cost. The components that go into a quality surge protector might only run $5.
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I usually buy the power strips with the built in surge protection that are built in a metal case . This helps in further protection as some strips do fail eventually, and the plastic ones will melt causing damage if not fire hazards. Hope this helps.

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