How Do You Paint A Ceiling To Look Like The Sky?


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Richard Kripps answered
We had a customer that wanted his ceiling painted resembleing the sky and clouds. He chose a blue color, and then my niece went to the hardware store and purchased a Faux sponge. Then she used a brush to add the white paint on top of the blue, and then worked it with the sponge to make a cloud design. First she practiced on a scrap piece of drywall to figure her design before applying to the ceiling.
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jensen morada answered
When you would paint a ceiling you must put white and blue paint mixed up to the texture of the sky then when it dries up use a foam with water and white paint wait until it dries
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David Carmody answered
I once had this. What you do is paint the bottom of the walls green to represent the ground, paint in some mountains using a mixture of greys, browns and whites. Paint the rest of the walls light blue, leaving a one-foot gap at the top, then you paint the strip at the top a dark blue leading to a night-black sky for the ceiling.

Hope this helps!!

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