How Do You Maintain Cleanliness?


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In more recent times, since the germ theory of disease, cleanliness has also come to mean an absence of germs and other hazardous materials, alongside the absence of dirt and bad smells.

The purpose of personal cleanliness include health, beauty, absence of offensive odor, avoidance of shame and to prevent the spreading of dirt and contaminants to yourself or others.

Washing is a process of achieving personal cleanliness, with water and some kind of soap or detergent.

In terms of households, cleanliness can be achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Using a vacuum cleaner: This will remove dirt and dust from carpets, tiles or smooth surfaces.
  • Disinfectant: This is used to to kill germs on surfaces and prevent them from spreading to humans.
  • Using detergents: Washing up liquid can be used to assist in dishwashing. Laundry detergents help to maintain cleanliness of clothes.
  • The use of industrial cleaners: Different brands of cleansers (such as Ajax) are used to clean surfaces. Ajax is also available in the form of dishwashing liquid.
  • Changing bedsheets regularly helps maintain cleanliness.

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