What Is The Kinds Of Cleanliness?


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There are so many kinds of cleanliness:
1/ I am a muslim so the first one is your heart cleanliness.Heart cleanliness means if we think all muslims are our islamic brother and friend then there is no critisism in our society and each person prove a sincere friend and brother.
2/ Your body cleanliness:
In body cleanliness there is include cleanliness of eyes, ears, tongue, hands and legs,due to this kind of cleanliness we didn't see any crime, don't hear any worst thing, don't say bad word to others with our tongue, don't torture other people with our hands and always choose right path.

3/ Cleanliness of our country:
This is a very important kind of cleanliness . In this kind we should have to clean our country by the cleaning of our street ,houses,factories wastage, and many other things like don't make water pollute and etc.
4/ Cleanliness of home:
IN home cleanliness the two places are very important the one is your kitchen and the other is wash rooms. there is no type of smell in both places and no kind of dirty pots in kitchen
And the last but not the least there is cleanliness of children from their childhood to growth age. We have to teach them about the rules and regulations which are necessary now a days

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