Why Is Cleanliness Important In Our Life?


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Cleanliness is  Important because it protects us from many diseases And It Looks tidy
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Cleanliness(kl ĕ n'l ĭ *n ĕ s) is no dirt, bad smells, garbage, dust and harmful germs.
Humans and animals both adopt measures to clean themselves. Physical cleanliness can be adopted by washing ourselves properly everyday and by avoiding dirty things. Cleanliness is important for our health, It is also for beauty purposes and to avoid embarrassment in public places.
It is of both Social and Religious purposes. It is to be noted that Cleanliness standards might differ from region to region. What is clean in one society might not be in other.
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When you don't clean your room you start acting like a pig. So if you don't clean your room you will probably turn into a pig when you are older.
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Germs bread crazily in dirty environment. It is much more easier for people to get ill in unclean situations.
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When you take a bath you feel wonderful, like you can breathe again and your skin feels clean and healthy. When you vacuum you also feel like you're in a healthy clean environment. Same as cleaning your car. Or brushing your teeth. It's the easiest way to feel positive and make your life better. Even a clean mind is great. Get rid of worries, anger, regrets and fears today.

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