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If you are seeking pictures, or graphical depictions of how important cleanliness is, then this can be a rather difficult concept to portray by a picture alone. As such, it may be better to provide a written description to complement any pictures you find on a search engine to express your point of view.

Cleanliness, both in terms of personal cleanliness and the environment in which we live and work is vital to our functioning as human beings.

Personal cleanliness is vital on a personal and social level. Cleaning your teeth and body daily not only helps your body clean and allows you to fight off the negative effects of bacteria or parasites for example, but it also invigorates the individual and helps them to feel good about themselves.

It also helps them form social ties as people are happier and more willing to form friendships with people who have high levels of personal hygiene than those who are ill-acquainted with soap and a tooth brush.

Cleanliness in the immediate environment is also important. It allows us to ensure that our clothes are as clean and tidy as we would like. Organization of items becomes far easier to maintain when the environment is clean. A well-maintained home or office is far less likely to harbor bacteria or other unwelcome infestations. This ensures we can live and work in a healthy environment.

One of the most common repeated phrases in English is that "cleanliness is next to godliness".

The importance of cleanliness in issues such as water supply also should not be discounted. A plethora of water-borne diseases, such as cholera, debilitate and kill hundreds of thousands of people each year who have no access to clean drinking water.

Cleanliness in hospitals, in particular for patients who are undergoing or recovering from surgery is vital as part of their recovery as infections and illnesses caused by unsanitary conditions, such as MRSA, can prove fatal.

There is an alternative argument to notion that you can never be too clean however, many people claim that being too rigorous in our attempts to sanitize our homes, food and person, can lead to our immune systems becoming weaker as the body is not exposed to bacteria and as such, does not learn to cope with dealing with it as effectively. This in turn makes people more susceptible to illnesses that, perhaps in the past, they would not have suffered from.

Despite this, to exist as a fully functioning human being, an acceptable cleanliness is a vital component of our way of life to allow us to function to the best of our ability on an individual basis and with our peers.

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