I have white furniture - what colour should I paint the walls? 


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White goes with every color, so just pick a color you like. Keep in mind the amount of lighting in the room.

If you do not have an ample amount of light, I would stick with medium to light colors, but if you have plenty of light you can use darker colors.

Chocolate is really popular for wall colors now, and would give your room a rich looking tone and make the white furniture pop. You can paint all the walls or just one accent wall, then use a complementary color for the other walls.

I recently painted one wall in my family room Coach House chocolate. I installed ivory colored roman shades and painted the other walls cashmere bisque from Color Wheel Paints Store. Looks good.
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White furniture can easily match any color combination. Different shade of white color are also look good. If you have colorful personality than you should try dark colors on wall. Dark brown or chocolate color are also good match with white furniture.

To be honest, we just suggested coffee color for everything because we've got a lot of that kind of stock lol :)


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Purple, red, or even dark brown would look awesome.
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The good news, if you have white furniture, is that - as long as you like a contemporary look - you can pretty much choose any colour for the walls, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

One option is to go for a clean, modernist all-white look, though this may not be the most practical choice if you have children or pets!

(Source: http://changingrooms.com.au/how-to-do-white-on-white-well/)

If you do decide to use white on white, though, then it's important to use a variety of shades of white, and a lot of textured materials in the accessories and soft furnishings, to stop the room feeling sterile and "flat".

(Source: Http://www.torontodesigners.com/blog/2012/01/experiment-with-shades-of-white-and-add-texture/)

Another really stylish option is to go with some form of colour blocking. I personally don't like strong colours used on all four walls in a room, as this can be overwhelming and make the room feel dark and oppressive, but a single, statement wall in a strong colour can look absolutely beautiful.

For some ideas on how to pull this look off to stunning effect, you need look no further for inspiration than the Pantone hotel in Belgium.

(Source: http://brussels.theperfecthotels.com/default.asp?idprod=66017&lang=en)

Pantone is the artists' colour-matching system, and the designers of the hotel have really gone to town in showing what can be achieved with primarily white furniture, combined with blocks of gorgeous, strong colours.

(Source: http://blog.creativeaction.co.uk/2012/01/09/the-pantone-hotel/)

Finally, a classic approach to white furniture, and one that the Scandinavians do really well, is to combine it with neutral shades, such as black, natural wood, and greys, which work brilliantly, as you can see in the photo below.

(Source: http://www.decoist.com/2013-01-17/how-to-decorate-a-small-living-room/)

Hope this helps - and it would be great to see some photos of your room once you decide how you're going to decorate it!

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You can try this colors purple, red and blue .

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I think you should go with either off white or neutral colors. Bright colors makes a room look big.

- http://emfurn.com

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