How Do You Make A Tuxedo Fold In A Napkin?


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Tuxedo napkin folding instructions can be found in a variety of places, such as at Party Details. It appears that there are a variety of looks known as a tuxedo folds. The most effective baby tuxedo napkins, however, are found in a video on You Tube.

Tuxedo napkin folding sounds immensely difficult, but watching this video shows just how simple it is to create an extremely elegant, effective look.

This can be done with just a single napkin, but the most effective look is achieved with two napkins, one black (or any other deep color), and one white.

Here is a brief outline of how to do the tuxedo fold on the video, using fairly large napkins:
  1. Fold both napkins in half to form triangles, place dark triangle on top
  2. Fold back 3/4" of the base of both napkins together, smooth
  3. Flip over, smooth again, fold in corner points to form square
  4. Flip over, bring two corners into center of square
  5. Tuck bottom corner in just enough to seal folds
  6. Flip over, sit on edge and slightly open the top to form a collar
Adding a small flower under the 'lapel' will add that extra little touch to finish off the look. This can, of course also be done with smaller paper napkins. The size of the fold at the base should then be adjusted to keep in proportion with the rest of the napkins used.

To be perfectly honest, these instructions make it sound quite complicated, but will make a lot more sense once the video has been watched.
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Following are the instructions for a Tuxedo folded Napkin:
Roll the top point layer down to the center
Roll second layer down and tuck it behind the first roll
Roll the third layer down and put it behind the second once so that a third band is created of equal width.
Rotate the napkin with a 45 degree and fold the right and the left edges of the napkin behind it in order to form a rectangle. Here is a link for step by step diagram:

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