Will Adding Dye To Plants Change The Color Of The Plant?


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Yes, dyes can change the color of plants.

What Dye Should I Use?
Definitely use food coloring. If you put hair-dye or clothing dye into the water that you feed your plant with, you’ll kill your plant. There are too many chemicals in these dyes for plants to handle, whereas food coloring is much safer - it has to be,  if it’s okay for humans to eat!

How Much Food Coloring Will I Need?
This depends on whether or not your plant is potted. If the plants are cut and standing in water, you won’t need to add much food coloring to see a change in the flowers. However, if your plant is rooted in soil, you’ll need a large amount of food coloring to notice a difference.

Which Flowers Are Easiest To Dye?
In general, any plant with white flowers will be easy to dye. White daisies are a good place to start.

Just stand the plant in colored water, and you should start seeing the petals change color within a few hours. Good luck!
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If food coloring is put in the water that you feed the plant, then the food coloring will be sucked up into the plant. Then the plant's petals would turn the same color as the food coloring that was put into the plant's water source.
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Food coloring may change the color of the flowers or leaves of some plants.
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Food coloring does affect plants. I know that because I researched it and and I experimented with it.
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Well, it's not the plant that will change color. The dye will change the color of the flowers. So let the flowers bloom and then start watering them with food color.

My daughter and I have been working on this science project for a month now. Were using white flowering geraniums. We have yet to have had any success with a color change in the flowers. Perhaps it would work better in the summer when the soil can dry out more between waterings.
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Food coloring kills some plants, so don't put food coloring in any precious plants.

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