How Do You Clean Plastic Auto Head Light Lens That Turn Yellow From The Weather?


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Glass and plastic do not respond equally to the same treatments.
What works best for glass may cause serious damage to plastic.
Yellowing headlights is a problem world wide and the best solution is an acrylic lens deoxidizer. It will clear the yellow of your lens instantly.
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Yes there are number of products that work on glass or plastic for cleansing and are commonly available in the market so you can use them to clean your car light lens. Like Glint I have used it for couple of times and found it as best in cleaning plastic products.
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I have found that the cheapest answer to that is called meguiars clear lens cleaner. You put it on with a cotton cloth and then wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth. That is what I use and it does wonders to take the oxidation off the lenses.

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