How Can I Clean DVD Laser Lens Myself?


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Anvin Raj answered
Cleaning a DVD laser lens is an easy task. There are quite a few different ways in which you can clean the laser lens of a DVD player. First of all you need to buy a lens cleaner solution from the market which is a type of chemical solution specially made for cleaning lens. If you know how to remove the cover of your DVD player then it's good because this is the first thing you need to do. Then take a piece of soft cloth and apply some solution on it. Now slowly clean the lens in a clockwise direction. Remember; do not press on the lens too hard because laser lens is the most delicate part of a player.

You can also buy a DVD cleaner CD from any CD store. This CD is made for cleaning lenses. You can see a very tiny brush on the CD. Along with this disk you will also get a solution. Now you need to pour a drop of this solution on the brush which is there on the CD. And then put the disk in your DVD Player and press the play button same as you do to watch a movie. The CD automatically cleans the player for you.
EBINRAJ EBI answered
If you are not sure about opening it go for the cleaner CD it works fine no need to open and take risk .

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