Can Chain Link Fence Be Recycled And Is It Considered Metal, Steel, Or Aluminum?


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Chain-link fences are usually made from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. The chain-link fence can be recycled as scrap metal but all non-metal components need to be removed from the fence before recycling.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When removing the non-metal components wear safety gloves, eye protection and safety footwear. To detach the chain link grid from the fence posts, first cut the narrow wire loops, holding the fence grid to the fence posts, and remove all clips from top to bottom as you go along the full length of the fence. Allow the chain link grid to fall to the ground then detach the chain link fence gate separately from the grid.

Then collect the chain link grid, starting at the last fence post, roll up the chain link grid into a neat cylinder, walking back to the first fence post. If the fence is over 100 feet long, cut the chain link grid into 50-foot bundles with wire cutters for ease of carrying.

Loosening the fence posts can be tricky as they are most probably embedded in concrete when the fence was built, so they will not come out of the ground easily. Therefore soak the earth around each fence post hole with water to loose the concrete bases. Loosen only 2 or 3 at a time.

If the posts are short and slender, use a pointed spade to dig into the dirt to excavate the concrete base, then lift the posts out, prying at them with the head of your shovel braced against the wall of the hole.

Another option is to rent a post puller from a heavy equipment supplier. These strong metal pivot and pull devices can help you lift out posts easily without injury.
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Usually they are steel wire with cold galvanize plating or dipped. Around where I live they have what is called a clean landfill. They reuse or recycle these scrap materials by smelting it down and reusing it in other products.
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Chain link fencing is made up of galvanized or LLDPE coated steel wire. It is recyclable but on industrial basis, you can do it at home by yourself.

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