Can A Homeowner Easily Replace A Thermal Coupler Or Is It Necessary To Contact A Plumber?


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A thermal coupler can easily be replaced at home and is not a very difficult job to do. And even though you can call in a plumber, doing the job yourself will save you some money.

When the pilot light extinguishes, the thermo coupler will automatically switch off the gas supply in a heater. If the pilot light does not come on again even after many attempts that means that the thermo coupler has been damaged.

To replace the thermal coupler, you will need a match, a screw driver and a wrench. Follow these steps:

Cut off the gas supply by rotating the gas knob to the "off” position. Wait for at least 15 minutes for remaining gas fumes to disperse.

There are three tubes attached to the bottom of the box, one of which is the thermal coupler tube. The thinnest of the three tubes is the thermal coupler tube. Twist the nut attached at the end of the tube with the help of a wrench in counter clockwise direction and pull the tube out of the box.

Access the burner chamber by removing the inner and outer access panels. These panels are located at the bottom of the water heater tank. The outer panel is held in place with two to four metal sheet screws.

Remove the screws with the help of a screw driver and remove the outer access panel to uncover the inner access panel. Rotate the inner panel to the side pulling it out of the heater.

Pull the thermal coupler out of the tube by pulling out the tip from the bracket.

Install the new thermal coupler tube by inserting it inside the bracket. The tip will snap so indicating it has been secured tightly.

Tighten the integral nut at the other end of the tube with the help of a wrench.

Rotate the gas cock knob of the control box again to the "pilot” setting. Press and hold down the red button and lit up a match near the tip of the pilot gas tube inside the heater.

After the flame lights, hold the red button for about a minute after the pilot lights. Then rotate the gas knob to "ON”.

Rotate the inner access panel and feed the panel inside the water heater. Secure the outer access panel and install the screws back with the screw driver.
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It is easy to do, but hard to explain. First of all, make sure the water heater is turned off. There should be a clip holding the thermal couple in place. Undo the clip and remove the thermal couple. Next remove the thermal couple from the gas valve. Simply reverse the procedure. Relight the pilot light and turn on the gas, and you are done.
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Shut the gas off, unscrew the pilot tube where it connects to the gas valve (7/16), unscrew the t-couple(3/8), unscrew the main burner tube (3/4 but this one is reverse thread). Pull entire burner out, replace t-couple, reconnect everything, turn gas on, leaving valve in pilot position, light pilot, soap check fittings for leaks. No leaks, put valve in "on" position, soap main burner tube for leaks if all is good take a shower.
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Replacing a thermal coupler can be very easy and can be done by homeowner. However, you havent mentioned what is the thermal coupler for. Is it for a heater or what? Anyways here is a link to a website that shows how to change a thermal coupler. It might be useful:
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This isn't as hard as it looks but the biggest problem is the access space in which to work on some water heaters. Its usually one screw holding the pilot light and a connector at back of the line to which the pilot light is connected
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The pilot light lights burner kicks on for about a minute, then everything shuts off.... I have had home for just a little over four years and I have not done any preventative work on heater.....
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First find the thermocouple on the dryer. Then go to a appliance dealer that sells parts for whirlpool. Make sure that a universal type thermocouple can be used on a whirlpool. They do not cost very much. It is tricky to get the new one in place. Patience is needed. Read the instructions included with the thermocouple. Gas is too dangerous to not know exactly what you are doing. Make sure gas valve is off. Remove old thermocouple, Install new one, and make sure that the head fits into the clip. If not, do not go any further. When attaching the other the other end  make sure that you do not cross thread the bushing,and if pipe dope is required use yellow gas tape instead, avail at home depot. If you are messy with pipe dope it could get into gas control valve and screw up the entire gas assembly. Once installed follow the instructions on the gas valve or dryer plate provided. Usually it is open valve to pilot, light and hold down for approx 30 seconds, release pilot and unit should remain in flame mode. Then turn gas valve to on. If flame stays lit you are finished. Keep in mind that you should have a gas cock or valve before the dryer, so that you can take the dryer out of service for repairs. Good luck!
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A thermocouple is used in keeping pilot lights lit in water heaters, boilers, furnaces. Opening.
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Turn off the gas and let things cool down. The thermocouple usually pushes into a hole near the pilot light on the the burner assembly. It usually is held in by a clip which will just let you pull it out. On the bottom of the gas valve it connects with 1/4 in fitting. Most thermocouples are the same except for length and are available at most hardware stores.
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If you have to ask....Maybe you should call a professional. Gas is nothing to screw around with.

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