How Can I Replace A Gas Fireplace Thermal Coupler?


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Start by inspecting your gas logs and the location of the thermocouple within the flame. It’s important to remember that when you replace the thermocouple, to make sure that it’s in the same place. This is so that the temperature will be right when the flame is on. You then need to turn off the gas to the fireplace.

Turning the gas off will turn off the pilot flame. You should then check to make sure it’s gone out, and then wait 30 minutes to ensure that the thermocouple has cooled.

You should also use a hex nut driver to loosen the two nuts that are used for the two thermocouple wires. Some systems will use screws, and in which case, you will need to use a screwdriver to loosen these screws.

Then go about removing the thermocouple by pulling it out with needle nose pilers. This ensures that your fingers don’t get burned. Put the thermocouple on some bricks, then, so it can’t burn anything - even though it should be pretty much cooled off by this point.

Use a clean cloth and dampen it with some isopropyl alcohol. Then go about cleaning the nut or screw terminals, where you removed the thermocouple from the fireplace. You will also need to clean the wires on the replacement thermocouple.

Afterwards, secure the two wires from your replacement thermocouple, to the screw or nut terminals that are found near the pilot flame nozzle. Then you need to tighten the nuts or screws.

Finally, you’re going to need to turn on the gas to the fireplace, and then relight the pilot flame. You will need to wait 15 minutes for your new thermocouple to start getting heated. You are then going to have to turn on the fire, to make sure that your installation has worked properly.

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