How Do You Bleed The Fuel Line On A Kerosene Boiler For Home Hot Water And Heat?


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1- put fuel in tank.
2- change the filter at the tank
3- loosen screw at top of filter and open fuel shut off to allow filter to fill with fuel. When fuel starts comming out of top bleed screw, tighten it. Clean your mess and go to the boiler.
4 sitting with the burner in front of you, you'll see where the fuel line enters the pump. Should go to a shut off.
5- shut the shut off( firematics are reverse thread) up is closed and down is open.
6- undo the four bolts holding the strainer cover on. Put a pan under this as oil will come out. Replace the strainer and gasket and reinstall cover and tighten bolts.
7- if there is two 3/8 copper tubing coming out of the oil tank and there are a fuel line entering the pump and a return line exiting the pump, you have whats called a two pipe system. Call for heat and start the boiler. It'll bleed itself.
8- if you only have one 3/8 line going to the pump, you will see a 3/8 hex hed with what looks like a pet cock. Put an open end wrench on the bleed valve and a clear tubing that'll push onto the pet cock and place the end of the tube into the pan. Crack open the hex head and start the boiler. The oil will come out foamy and when it starts to come out fluid close the hex head. The boiler will have fired when it starts comming out solid. Clean your mess and check for leaks.

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