What Happens When You Eat Mold?


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If you don't have allergies, or asthma, nothing will happen. But why the hell would you do this ? I can't imagine it happening by accident..

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Eating mold is not desirable, but if it is the usual green or white mold and it is eaten by accident, then don't worry, you will probably be ok.  

Some people have allergies to mold.  It makes them itchy and sneezey.  If they were to eat the mold, they would be itchy, sneezey, and maybe even a little sick.

Black mold is a different story.  If you find black mold on any food or in your house, find a way to discard it right away.  It is BAD NEWS.

I hope this helps.
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Well That Would Be Super Gross . You Might Puke Or Get Food Poisining

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