I Have Gallbladder Problems, My Gallbladder Is Not Emptying Like It Should, Will This Cause A Rupture If Not Removed And Does It Cause Swelling Of The Abdomen, Feet And Ankles?


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Your gallbladder is might be obstructed. This can cause complications and needs to be removed surgically. It does not cause swelling in abdomen directly but when the bile is not being emptied due to gallbladder problem, it can cause some problems in liver which lead abdominal swelling and also water retention. So visit your doctor and get removed your gallbladder.
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You may want to try the holistic approach, by naturally emptying the gall bladder.sometimes sediment clogs the ducts that empty into the small intesting for disoloving fats.we all need our organs,instead of surgury & taking pills. What ever happened to helping the body heal itself,you know it can,it just gets out of balance.I blame a lot of this on the medical field,constantly treating the symptoms instead of treating the cause. Lets get back to basics.

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