What If You Have A Ultra Sound On Your Gallbladder And It Comes Up Clean, But You Have All The Symptoms Of Gallbladder Problem?


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I have just recently gone through the same problem. I was having pain only on weekend (b/c that is when I was eating fatty foods) then all of the sudden I had pain any time I ate it was horrible. I went to the ER multiple times b/c of the level of severe pain (worse than child birth!) I even heard the DR's in the ER Say that I was just here for the pain medical
b/c all the test were normal no stones(proved by 4 Ultra sounds)! I knew there was something wrong b/c I have never been in such pain and I tolerate pain really well!

Finally one DR said that I needed to get a HYDA Scan which tests the functionality of the gall bladder. In the mean time he gave me a medicine called BENTYL to be taken when I start to have pain, it really helped, a lot better than the vicodin, it is a muscle relaxer specifically for your gallbladder. Anyway once I had the test done it came up saying that my gallbladder had a decreased functionality. 2 days later I had it removed and have not had the pain since.

I am not a DR and can only speak from my personal experiences but I think you should be persistent and go to your DR and ask for a HYDA SCAN and BENTYL till you get it done. It worked for me.

I hope my experiences can help you. Let me know what happens and how it all turns out for you.
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I had non stones show up on the ultrasound. I had a Hida Scan that showed the gallbladder as dysfunctional at 36%.. Which is not a severe enough range for automatic removal.  However, I still had such severe pains that mimicked gallbladder. The surgeon told me I could have it removed or wait and see.  I could not take the pain anymore so I had it removed.  It has only been a few weeks.  The doctor sent the gallbladder to pathology and it showed it was swollen but no stones and no sludge.

I still have a problem with the foods I eat.  I am going to have to change my lifestyle.Some of my friends got there gallbladder removed and and were eating pepperoni pizza a few months later.  I feel better but I don't know if it addressed all of the problem.  I am, however, making an appointment with a heart doctor just to cover my bases.
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The symptoms of gallbladdr disorder may be a heart condition, ulcer, or an inflamed digestive system.
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I had the same thing happen to me and I had gallstones but they were only little. I had seven ultrasounds and a wrong diagnosis of a torn muscle in my shoulder because I used to get pain in my right shoulder after eating. Finally the doctor was able to see the stones. He only found them because I was persistent and kept telling him that there was something wrong with the gallbladder. The doctor also did a test were he had me inhale deeply and then he pushed up under my ribcage. Then while he was pushing he asked me to exhale slowly. I did and felt a sharp pain which made me inhale quickly again. He said that that proved it was my gallbladder because that the pain when I exhaled was the gallbladder coming down and pushing against his finger. He said that was why I inhaled quickly because the pushing down of the gallbladder on his finger was irritating it and so when I inhaled again the gallbladder was then pulled up off of his fingers letting it relax.
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It could be in the earlier stages, and just isn't able to be seen yet, or it could be something else going on. I would talk to the doctor and see if there's another type of infection that it could be.

Or you can get a second opinion, see what you come up with there. I sure wouldn't wait around to see what else develops though. Hope this helps, good luck.
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They have to do a test where they insert die into you and then cat scan the gall bladder to see if it is working to detect a nonfunctioning gall bladder. I had three sonograms and two cat scans (it took a month) before they discovered my gall bladder didn't have stones; just wasn't working.

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