Why Does My Light Switch Not Work?


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This is what I recommend: Replace the switch then try resetting the circuit breaker; if that doesn't fix your problem you'll probably looking at tracing the conductors back to a point where they may be tapped and check connections there.
While it is hard to tell you steps to take here, trouble shooting electrical problems begins with tracing the circuit and checking along the way for power until you arrive at a point where you have power in but no power out which is indicative of a bad tap.
Good luck and always be extremely careful working with electricity.
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Anonymous answered
Check circuit breakers and then wiring after shutting off all power to that source.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I agree with the previous answer.  You may also have to change the light bulb if they blew out to get it to work once again, afterwords.  Good luck.

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