How Much Does It Cost To Have A Cracked Basement Wall Repaired?


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G'day Nomad.

Thank you for your question.

It depends on whether you get a plasterer in or do it yourself. E-How has a guide to fixing cracked walls.

This video may also be useful.


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Very nice answer Keith
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Maybe i should have worded it more specifically. It is a basement wall the foundation.(a block wall)
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Depending on the severity of the wall, it could cost as little as fifty dollars (which is pretty minor) to a couple of thousand. If the damage is extensive, instead of fixing the wall, you may want to look into taking out the edges of the basement floor and replacing it with gravel and tile and leaving a low spot where all of the water can collect and taking it out with a sump pump. It's not going to fix the wall, but it will keep the water from accumulating on the rest of the floor where everything is will get damaged.

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