Do Fleas Live On Humans,, Like In Your Hair?


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Fleas do not live on humans generally. They can get caught up in your hair for periods but they cannot live off you like they do cats and dogs and other animals.
If you do hang around with cats or animals it is possible that the fleas can get tangled up in your hair but they cannot survive there. They can also live on your furniture, especially soft furnishings in the household. They will do this for a long period of time.
If you do have animals that have fleas, you will have to kill them off for the good of the animal and also for the good of your own health and cleanliness. It takes up to six weeks for all the fleas to die out. This will include larvae and other kinds of fleas.
You should always wash the anima'ls bedding first as this is a very popular place for fleas to stay. To do this, it is best to use a steam cleaner and should be done every two weeks for six weeks so you break the life cycle of the flea.
You can always use flea poison although some people will not want to spray their house, animals and possessions with poison, especially if there are children around. Epsom salts on couches and furnishings also prevent you from having to use chemicals which can be bad for health. Epsom salt dehydrates fleas and that is how they kill them. You should then vacuum up the couch and dump the bag the next morning; this will kill of the fleas. Do this every two week and you will have got rid of your fleas by the sixth week.
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Yes. Fleas can live in any type of hair, especially if you have a lot of hair. However, humans are very sensitive to itching, and if there are fleas in your hair, you are going to feel them immediately. If you suspect fleas in your hair, you should wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo such as Head and Shoulders.
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Yes and No. Fleas actually prefer animals like a cat or a dog to feed off of. If a flea has a choice between your blood and the blood of your dog, they will choice your dog, but what happens is sometimes you can have an infestation of fleas so they will just jump on any host "Dog, cat, human" to get their meal.

Best way to tell that you have fleas in your home is to look at your dog's tummy usually around the back end or even their butt itself. You can see one or two of two things: 1) Flea "Dirt". It's tiny hard pieces just like dirt on your dogs skin which is actually flea poop or 2) You will see little black dots almost move around which is the flea itself. Sometimes you will not see the flea itself but almost always see flea dirt. If you don't physically see fleas but see flea dirt then your animal or home has fleas. You could also try a flea comb or a lice comb. You can get them pretty cheap at any Pet store and some regular grocery stores have them. It's a small comb with the teeth small and very close together and then brush your dog with the comb. That's a good way to see fleas or flea dirt.

So yes, fleas will bite humans but they do not prefer them.

If you find fleas or flea dirt then you want to get your animal on some kind of flea preventative like Frontline, Revolution or Advantage. Maybe buy some flea shampoo and give your dog a bath but that only lasts a few days. Run your sweeper over the carpet. Everyday is usually the best option and if your vacuum has the bags that collect everything you sweep up, immediately throw the bag away when you are finished so the fleas can't get back into the house.

One more tip that I found online awhile ago to get rid of fleas in your home is to leave one day for a few hours taking all your animals with you, close all windows and crank up your heat, usually around 90 or so degrees F. Fleas die in heat that high and it is suppose to bake them.
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They wont live on you just feed off you as in animals. Its a tough job but sounds like you have an infestation. Put all your animals on frontline plus. Wash everything, vacuum everywhere like carpets and toss the bag immediately. If that doesn't work, bomb the place.
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They are a blackish red & they will crawl on humans & bite them yes but as far as just laying eggs all over a human that is not a feasible host for them.
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YES!    They do live in human hair, the only thing you need to do is leave your head under water for a few minutes, you don't have to put your face under too just your hair.  Fleas have to breathe. It will only kill the live ones so you will need to do it for at least 3 to 4 days so the eggs can hatch and then you can kill them too!
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The fleas exist in the environment not because of your pets. They just happen to prefer them a little more and they are more convenient for the fleas to live and feed off of. You can have fleas and no pets as the fleas exist whether or not there are pets around. If you do have pets that have fleas there are more within your house (carpet and sofa and things) than are actually living off the pets.
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I agree with the previous answer.  Yes fleas can live on humans.  Most likely hide in the hair.  You should wash your hair every other day and keep it clean and have your animals treated for fleas on a routine basis.  If you get any itching or symptoms you may need to see a doctor or get some medicated shampoo to kill what ever is causing it.  The pharmacy usually sells stuff or can recommend a shampoo that can help with out seeing a doctor and having to get a prescription.  Also, bath your animals on a routine basis with a special soap on shampoo from the pet store or vet can help.  Head and shoulders and Netrogena are good products for dandruff and dermatitis.  However, I would get more info. From a pharmacist.  Good luck.
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There are animal fleas and human fleas. Animal fleas will feed on humans when there's nothing else around, but normally they don't settle on humans.
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Yes, you can. Fleas are easily transmitted to humans. Generally speaking, you first notice them on your ankles, where they bite like crazy. You'll need to treat your pets for fleas, or they will take over the entire house. (Or move to a cold climate. We don't seem to get them in Minnesota very often.)
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You might want to try to get the stuff you use for lice and they also have spray stuff to use for your furniture and everywhere else.
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Tiny black bugs that are almost indestructible and they will go almost anywhere they can go to lay their eggs including humans and inside furniture and carpets
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Yes they can live on humans
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I do too! And i have no idea what it is. I was scratching my head for a sec and picked out one. I freaked out and it was really hard to kill. Do you know if all of these are trues? To just hold your head under water for a couple of days and youll be fine?
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They can not live on strands of hair because they drink blood as their food and hair doesn't bleed, so they would have to get on your skin eventually.
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Can fleas get in a human brain
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No. You would have to have a hole in your skull in order for them to get in. If you did have a hole in your head, the fleas would not willingly go there. A few would fall in and a few curious ones would explore, but they can not live there so they would not stay there.

If you had a hole in your head, fleas would be the least of your worries.

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