How Do You Make Your Pines Longer And Bigger?


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The fact that this question is placed in the ‘women’s health’ category makes it a little ambiguous. Assuming that this is a question about pine trees, there are some simple gardening tips that you can follow in order to grow your pines longer and bigger. If you are choosing to grow your pine tree from a pinecone, place the seeds that you have collected from the cones into a bowl of water. The seeds that sink to the bottom are more likely to germinate successfully, so use these for bigger pines. Plant the seeds in planting trays or small pots in December to prepare the seedlings for outdoor growth in the spring. Keep the planters in a sunny window and keep them well watered. You should see growth within 3 months and when the seeds fall off the seedlings, they are ready to be placed in pots outside.

The plants should be put in containers of at least one gallon in size and to guarantee the biggest pines you should water regularly and give it sufficient sunlight. Within two years the tree should reach a foot in height and you can choose whether to plant it out in the ground or keep it in pots of increasing size. If you are growing the pines in pots, a sign that they need putting into a larger container will be if the roots are beginning to grow through the holes at the bottom of the pot. Like most plants, sunshine and water are the key factors in growing big pines. Plant food, such as Miracle Grow, can help increase the growth of your tree and improve the yield from it.

If this is, in fact, a typo and you are asking how to make your penis longer and bigger, then it may be worth redirecting this question to the men’s health section.

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