How Do You Eliminate Tears In A Shih Poo Puppie 9 Wks Old? Also What Should I Use To Clean Tears Stains?


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Many dog breeds can sometimes be prone to a condition called Epiphora. This condition is evident where excessive tear production occurs or the tear drainage of the eye is constricted.

Angel eyes does work but it contains an antibiotic which really isnt ideal for something that it a long term problem, there are plenty of natural tear stain removers on the market, the attached page on tear stains is pretty helpful and shows how you can remove them using natural alternatives.

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The tear problem may be something that needs to be addressed by a vet.  There are medical conditions (like explained in other posts) that need to be treated.

The staining is probably the result of low  quality food. Change your puppy food to a better quality food and you'll find the staining problem will go away.

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Angel eyes tear and stain remover is great. You can order it online or some petsmart carry it,
I have a shih poo and when I first got her the tear stains was horrible and now after using angel eyes my sexy is stain free
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You may not be able to completely eliminate them but you can help reduce the staining a bit. The staining is from enzymes (happens with saliva as well). A high quality diet (makes a difference with almost everything), you can check yours on the analysis site ( I feed Innova) and the second link is some basics on how to read a bag of dog food and if you switch it should be slow so you don't upset the stomach to much. There are also over the counter products to help reduce the staining or you can wipe them with a little diluted peroxide on a cotton ball. Be sure not to get it in your pups eyes. WIpe with a dry cloth after. Your groomer can also take a bit of it off as a basic part of maintenance when your pup is groomed.

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