Why Can You See Out Of Tinted Windows But Not Into Them?


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Glass tinting alters glass to reduce the passage of light or a specific band of radiation. It can be used to reduce the glare of light, to decrease the amount of heat that enters a building or car, to allow inhabitants to remain very private or simply as an aesthetically appealing way of decorating one's windows.
Glass tinting can be done either by adding a chemical to the glass during its creation or by adding a window film either on or between glass sheets after it has been made.
In a simpler language I will say it is a coat which consists a particular side that reflect light in a manner it makes impossible to see through it from a particular side of glass. Hope you got it.
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You can see into them in the right conditions. I would guess it works like a two way mirror may. Where because you are in a darker spot (while inside of the car) it makes it easier to observe outward. Meanwhile if you are outside looking at it, the light around you amplifies the tint effect.
Because if you put your face up to the window and block out the light around your eyes you can usually see in just as well as if you were looking out.
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There is a different type of adhesive on the outside of the glass.
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There like a one sided glass adhesive that is applied to glass were it is actually,suppose to prevent
sun rays and ultra violet rays from penetrating through the glass.
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It's just the way they are made, the tint is applied on the outside making it darker on the outside than inside
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Glare,reflection,orientation of the tint in the lexan sheet of the film layer. One side is reflective while the other is highly translucent.this is my guess

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