Why Should You Avoid Eating Out Of Season Fruit And Vegetables?


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Eating out of season produce means one of two things. Either the fruit or vegetables have been grown in artificial conditions such as heated greenhouses or they have been grown in another country. Both practices are very energy hungry. Fresh produce is often air freighted around the world and this is a very energy hungry form of travel. Concern about global warming and pressure to reduce our emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide means that some people argue we should reduce our energy use across the board. An additional concerns is that fruit ad veg grown away from their natural environment , for example in very hot, dry regions, might need a lot of irrigation. Water shortages can have a devastating impact on local people and there is concern that water hungry export crops are causing water shortage problems in some countries. Having said that the global market in food production can have a positive impact on poverty reduction by creating jobs and pumping income into poor countries. This argument is very controversial but worth considering before you make up your mind.

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